Canadian Cannabis Branding

Canadian Cannabis Branding on the Cusp of Legalization

It isn’t very often that we’re able to witness the creation of an entirely new product category. However, with cannabis legalization soon becoming a reality in Canada we’ll be witnessing the birth of not only a new category, but the development of an entirely new visual language.

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Dark Patterns

The practice of using Dark Patterns or deceptive tactics, to put it bluntly, is bullshit. It’s damaging to the credibility of the brands involved, damaging to the integrity of the designers responsible, and ultimately undermines the credibility of the packaging design profession as a whole. So…what are Dark Patterns?

Introducing The Canadian Greenscape

We’ve collaborated with some of Canada’s leading cannabis consultants to produce the first ever map of the Canadian cannabis space; The Canadian Greenscape.

Dear Matt and Katherine (circa 2002)

Hi. We’re writing to you from the future so we apologize for the awkwardness of this letter, considering you haven’t yet met each other and won’t for another three years. You’re both about to begin your design education, and we wanted to share a few pointers that might help you, or any other new designers, stay on track over the coming years.

Sticker Shock! How price point defines design

Every retail package tells us more than just its contents and expiry date. Production value, material choices and design language combine to set an expectation of price point for shoppers. Starting with economy and working our way up to imported specialty, we’ll look at how each packaging tier has evolved to appeal to a particular type of shopper.

Can design make food taste better?

Selecting fresh, high quality raw ingredients is easy with experience, but how can you create that same ‘edible’ impression with prepared foods and ingredients?

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