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Katherine Webb, Creative Direction

Matt Webb, Design

Adrianne Hawthorne, Illustration

Christoper Li, Photography

Sabine Shwitrz,, Photography


-ness is a brand that we can confidently call our own. We were given free reign to create a cannabis brand that would resonate with a specific clientele: seasoned users with no interest in being ‘weed nerds’. To achieve this we went in the opposite direction, developing a brand that focuses on the individual rather than the product.  

Visually, we wanted the brand to be approachable and inspire creativity. The combination of custom illustrations and pattern design by Chicago-based artist Adrianne Hawthorne, and friendly 1970’s-inspired typography create a unique and playful aesthetic that stands out in the Canadian cannabis sector. The brand exudes a nostalgic charm without sacrificing knowledge & experience.

For -ness, cannabis exists as a modifier, something that can be added to any situation to make it just a little bit more mu-ah *chef’s kiss*. It could be open-ness, happi-ness, awesome-ness, calm-ness… whatever -ness you need. 

“Matt and Katherine are easily two of the best designers I’ve ever worked with. They’re incredibly innovative and have a deep understanding of how to visually communicate key messages to achieve business objectives. Both have an exceptional ability to help take products to market, be right on trend, and to collaborate through all the different stages from launch to scaling up.”



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